We are proud to offer competitive pricing including a capped monthly tuition fee for our full program competitive dancers!


2024/2025 REGISTRATION FEE     

Early Registration Fee (until June 30)  $25.00 + GST / dancer
Registration Fee (starting July 1) $35.00 + GST/dancer

** Registration Fees are an annual one time, non-refundable fee. Every dancer at Trilogy Academy is required to pay a Trilogy Membership / Registration Fee. A Sibling/Family discount on the registration fee is automatically applied at checkout through our Amilia Smart Rec software program.


Trilogy Tots/ Pre-Comp (2-6)   30 minute class $50.00
Trilogy Tots/ Pre-Comp (2-6) 40 minute class $55.00
Trilogy Tots/ Pre-Comp (2-6) 45 minute class $60.00
Performance (7-11) (year long) 45 minute class $65.00
Competitive (7-18)     45 minute class   $65.00
Competitive (7-18)   50 minute class $70.00
Competitive (7-18) 60 minute class $75.00
Competitive (7-18)   90 minutes (2 classes, same discipline) $110.00
Competitive (7-18)    95 minutes (2 classes, same discipline)  $110.00
Competitive (7-18)  100 minutes (2 classes, same discipline)  $115.00
Competitive (7-18) 105 minutes (2 classes, same discipline)  $115.00
Competitive (7-18) 110 minutes (2 classes, same discipline) $120.00
Competitive (7-18) 115 minutes (2 classes, same discipline) $120.00
Competitive (7-18) 120 minutes (2 classes, same discipline) $125.00
Competitive (7-18)  2.5 hours (multi classes, same discipline) $140.00
Competitive (7-18) 3 hours (multi classes, same discipline) $160.00
Competitive (7-18) 4.25 hours (multi classes, same discipline) $195.00

* Class Fees are divided into 9 equalized payments and are paid monthly. The first payment is due Sept 1, 2024 and the last May 1, 2025. Our dance season runs 39 weeks, which includes 4 weeks of no regular lessons (Christmas, February and Easter breaks). The class fee amounts are based on a guarantee of 32 weeks of classes.

Capped Tuition Fees: Sign up for the full Competitive Dance Program in the Junior to Senior level and qualify for a special capped monthly tuition price.  Junior = $500.00 + GST. Pre-Teen = $525.00 + GST. Teen or Senior = $550.00 + GST. The full competitive dance program includes Acro technique, Ballet, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Jazz and Tap. Musical Theatre can be included but is not a requirement to qualify for the full competitive dance program capped price. Baton Twirling and Acro Exam/choreo will be in addition to this capped tuition price. The Acro exam and choreo class will be by invite only, dancers will be assessed in their regular acro classes.


Trilogy Tots   $20.00 per month (Sept-Dec) $80.00 Total + GST
Pre-Competitive $25.00 per month (Sept-Dec)  $100.00 Total + GST
Performance $32.50   per month (Sept-Dec)     $130.00 Total + GST
Competitive (Mini & Jr) $32.50   per month (Sept-Dec)  $130.00 Total + GST 
Competitive (Pre-Teen, Teen & Sr) $35.00 per month (Sept-Dec) $140.00 Total + GST

*Starting at the Pre-Teen Competitive level, Jazz and Baton will have two costume fees (these disciplines will have two routines), all other disciplines will have one. The following classes will not have a costume fee: Advanced Tots Tumble & Twirl, Performance Classes, Adult classes and Acro technique classes.

* Costume deposits can be paid in full at registration or in 4 equal payments per month per costume from September to December. Base Costume prices will not exceed the deposit. In the event that costume alterations are required, this will be the dancers’ responsibility. Costume deposits are non-refundable after October 15, 2024.

OTHER FEES – These additional fees are TBD and subject to dancer level & program.

  • Competition Entry Fees – The Competitive dance program will attend three competitions annually.
  • Exam Entry Fees
  • Baton Twirling Club Membership and Club Fees (competitive athletes)

Funding Options:

For families unable to meet the tuition fees, funds may be available from Creative Kids Saskatchewan or Jumpstart charities.